Link Building Services UK

Link building. Can't live with it, can't rank without it. 

We get it. Link building can be hard work, time consuming and it's way too easy to end up putting tonnes of resource in without anything to show for it. 

This is one of the frustrations that led us to spend the best part of a decade building sustainable tactics to scalably and cleanly build excellent quality links and this is a service we offer to clients across multiple sectors globally.


Our link building services are designed to create assets for your website that build great quality, relevant links over time.

Link building does NOT have to all about digital PR. While digital PR can be an excellent means of acquiring links, it's not necessary for every business. And some of the other methods we use to acquire links for our own websites and our clients include these.



1. "Link Bait"

"Link bait," as it's often referred to is just, in our mind, building assets and making sure they appear for searches implying someone looking for a resource. It doesn't have to be rocket science and you don't necessarily need all-singing-all-dancing interactive assets either. Solid concepts, backed by research, great research, clear copy and supporting assets that serve a purpose are all it takes. Here's an example:


Freelancer Statistics UK of our own test websites) 

The premise is relatively simple. We identify topically relevant queries that imply the searcher's intent is to find a resource. We then look to build assets that meet the searcher's intent there, rank them or drive traffic through other channels like paid search initially. And then over time, the goal is that the asset is able to generate links passively requiring little more attention than an annual update.






2. "Inbound" PR Using Media Enquiry Services

You don't need a huge asset or campaign to engage in digital PR activity. Journalists all over the world often face the challenge of writing articles on subject areas they're not qualified in (think health, finance, legal...). So they'll often seek out comment from experts in those fields to ensure their content is accurate. Acting as a "source" for journalists is great way to secure coverage and links in credible online publications. 

Similarly, if you're selling product online, this sort of activity aims to place you in those "best of" lists that feature in major press outlets. Some examples of links places through this type of activity:



3. Creative Commons Stock Photography

This is all about creating stock imagery relevant to your business and releasing it under a Creative Commons License for others to use freely with attribution (in the form of a link)! We identify areas relevant to our clients' sectors, where there's a distinct shortage of great quality free stock photography and we create it! We then license is using a Creative Commons Attribution License and we pursue correct attribution.



Who Are We?

We're a teeny tiny consultancy with just a handful people based just outside Oldham in the beautiful Saddleworth village of Greenfield. We work with clients all over the world and specialist in content and link acquisition for SEO purposes.


How we price link building services

We're happy to work on link building campaigns standalone (i.e where we're not handling any element of on site work). Typically, projects run for 6 months and fees start at £3,000/month. The work will include the creation and establishing of a number of link building assets, depending on sector, agreed on at the outset. The focus will always be on assets that will generate links passively over time.



Just a few questions we’ve previously been asked about our link building services


Do you buy links for clients?
Nope. We don't. We're not naive. We know that link purchasing still works in a whole host of spaces, but it's just not our bag. We can absolutely recommend great people who can offer paid link building services though.

Do you offer pay-per-link services?

Nope! Our focus is largely on creating assets that generate links over the long term. So unless you want us sending you an invoice every month for the next however long, this probably doesn't work out particularly practical for either party. We do work performance based on more all-round SEO campaigns, though if you want to talk about that.

Who owns the copyright on images you create for us for link building?

You do. We issue transfer of copyright on all images we produce as standard.

Do you offer link building work in gambling or payday loans? 

It depends. We appreciate that's a typical SEO's answer. Sorry. But more important to us than the sector is the flexibility around content creation, sign off processes and your overall goals.