Copywriting Services for Websites

The right words build credibility, tell stories and convert users into customers. But copy has an even bigger role to play than that in your business.

A critical element of driving customers through SEO is the words on your website. They could be the difference between your prospective customers finding you and finding your competitors.

Our copywriting service is delivered with your business objectives in mind. We don't just string sentences together. We craft copy that contributes to tangible marketing goals.


We provide digital copywriting services for businesses all over the UK from our base in Oldham, Greater Manchester

Led by your business goals, designed to build trust and convert customers and optimised to drive organic traffic - our words help businesses to win customers.

Here's how we approach it. 



1. Get To Grips With Your Objectives

This is where we quiz you about your business goals and how your want your website to contribute.



2. Learn About Your Audience

More questions! We'll want to know all about your target audience and who your customers are.



3. Find out About Your Offering

We chat with you to find out what you offer your customers that sets you aside from the competition.



4. Delve into Your Competitors

We'll ask you all about your competition, who they are and what they're good and bad at. Then we'll run our own analysis of their performance online.


5. Keyword Research

We research how your target customers look for your products and services like yours in search engines.



6. Keyword Mapping

We assess the best pages or assets on your site for users based on their searches and intent.


7. Copywriting Initial Draft

We assess the best pages or assets on your site for users based on their searches and intent.

8. Refinement and Measurement

We assess the best pages or assets on your site for users based on their searches and intent.


Who Are We?

We're a small consultancy based in Saddleworth, Oldham (just a stone's throw from Manchester). There are 5 of us in the agency and 2 with copywriting backgrounds. But we're also fortunate enough to work with a network of amazing contractors who work alongside our in house team to deliver copywriting that contributes to your SEO and wider business goals.


Who Are Our Clients?

Our copywriting clients include businesses in Oldham, the wider greater Manchester and right across the UK. We've created copy for
e-commerce websites, lead generation sites in finance, professional services and trade services and for travel websites.  Our versatile and objectives-driven approach means we can comfortably turn our hands (or keyboards!) to any business website.



Just a few questions we’ve previously been asked about our copywriting services


Do you write brochure copy?

No, sorry. We don't specifically write just for print though some of our clients use their website copy on elements of printed marketing materials. But our speciality is web copy and particularly web copy designed to contribute to SEO goals.

How long does it take to write landing page copy?

Sorry to be vague, but it really does depend. An e-commerce category landing page for a relatively easy to understand consumer product range might take just a couple of hours including all the keyword research. On the other hand, a landing page for a complex medical instrument or similar will involve more research and will take longer.

Where are your copywriters based?

We deliver most copy directly in our office in Greater Manchester and we also work with other copywriters across the UK. All copy is at least researched, edited and finalised in our office. 

How does copywriting affect my SEO?

The content on your landing pages is absolutely critical in terms of SEO. Well crafted, compelling copy that is optimised for relevant queries and topics keeps users engaged and influences search engine visibility. It's a key pillar and vital foundation for any sort of SEO campaign. That's why we craft all our copy with search engine users in mind.