International SEO Services

There's more to international SEO than sticking a few keywords in Google Translate. And there's more to operating a business in other territories than simply launching a website and hoping for the best. We offer international SEO services designed to generate revenue for your business in other countries, both English and non-English speaking.


We help businesses to enhance their overseas generated revenues with international SEO services.

International SEO starts with objectives. We're led by your goals first. And then we research the marketplace and your competitors within it thoroughly. Working with native language speakers to ensure content is top notch and that we understand search habits properly, we can deliver SEO campaigns that drive high quality leads and sales.



1. Understand Your Objectives

What are your targets in the specific territories your international SEO is targeting? What do you want to achieve?


2. Research The Your Audience

Who is the specific target audience in each specific country we're working in?


3. Find out About Your Offering

What do you offer and how is it different to what competitors offer in each specific country?


4. Delve into Your Competitors

Who do you consider your competition and who's competing in SEO terms?


5. Keyword Strategy

How are prospective customers in the target countries looking for products and services like yours?


6. Site Audit

A comprehensive set of recommendations to get your site optimised for this audience.


7. Link Acquisition

A combination of tactics and methods to acquire the links needed to succeed in the given marketplace.

8. Reporting and Analysis

What's working best? What needs to improve. Regular analysis of results shared with you.


Who Are We?

We're a small consultancy based just outside Manchester. As a small SEO agency, everyone in the business is hands on. That means the only people you're speaking to here are people actively working on your campaign. We're fortunate to have native and fluent language resource within the business (Spanish, French and German resource in house). And we work with a host of native speaking copywriters from around the world to ensure we can deliver excellent quality content and SEO services in the countries our clients are targeting.


Who Are Our Clients?

 SEOOur international clients include businesses all over the UK. They range in size from businesses not much bigger than ours, right up to multinationals employing thousands of people. We work actively in international SEO in a host of territories for companies in finance, retail and travel.



A few questions we frequently encounter about international SEO

Can you create non-English copy for our website?
Yes. We use native speaking copywriters in a variety of territories to support and verify our initial keyword research and then we provide them with an extensive brief outlining what's required from an SEO perspective. This means that what we get back is native language standard and SEO ready.

Do you use Google Translate?

No. And you shouldn't either. At least not for website copy for an overseas website! Google Translate is great for a quick word or sentence, but no machine can provide native standard sales copy. And nothing looks quite as unprofessional to your prospective customers as poor use of language.

Which countries can you carry out SEO in?

We predominantly offer services in France, Spain, Germany, Ireland and the USA at present. Though we do also have clients we're supporting in Brazil, India and Scandinavia too.