Free Small Business SEO Clinics in Oldham

Free Small Business SEO Clinics in Oldham

27 Feb 2020

We're running a series of completely free one-to-one SEO clinics with small businesses in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire. They're aimed at small businesses with fewer than 5 employees who would like to improve their enquiry levels, footfall or sales using SEO tactics.


How does it work?

We've made 3 slots available each month for local businesses. You'll come to our office in Oldham and spend an hour with a member of our team who'll help you find the right target keywords, make some quick changes to your website (if you've already got one live) and suggest a range of things you can do going forward to improve your SEO performance.

Who's it for?

This is intended for small businesses who need help driving sales, enquiries or footfall using SEO tactics - the types of business for whom outsourcing to a specialist agency isn't really viable or practical. We see the typical profile of such businesses as being those with fewer than 5 employees based relatively local to us here in Saddleworth.

Is this a dressed up sales pitch?

Nope! We're deliberately aiming this at businesses who, in reality, would struggle to justify the budget for an SEO agency. Agencies (including ours) have minimum retainer levels that are often not commercially viable for particularly small businesses or businesses that exist purely as income for the owners.

So the businesses that tend to benefit are those who would actually probably never look to hire an outside agency anyway. There'll be no sales pitch from us - guaranteed!

Ok, so what's in it for you then?

We want to support small businesses and we've often found that lots of them can make relatively quick improvements with minor tweaks.

Independent businesses and micro businesses are really important to the local economy and certainly where our office is based, the village is full of independent businesses. If we can do a bit to help those businesses win new customers, then we'll do it happily.

And you promise there won't be a sales pitch?

You have our word. 

How do we book?

We keep a day per month back for this sort of activity so we can open up a handful of appointments. They tend to fill quickly. But you can browse currently live availability and book your slot below.